March 11, 2024

Here’s What you Need to Know for your Wedding in Amalfi Coast

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Have you always dreamt of having a destination wedding? Specifically a destination wedding in Italy? One of my favorite places on earth is the Amalfi Coast, so I thought I would share some of my favorite tips to make your Amalfi Coast wedding perfect! Read on for my best advice as a destination wedding photographer.

The Best Wedding Venues on the Amalfi Coast

Hotel Santa Caterina

This hotel is absolutely stunning. A five-star luxury hotel, this venue is perfect for your guests to stay at, while also a great location to have your ceremony & reception, right in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. The Hotel showcases the rich Italian architecture, and the outdoor area has the best views of the coasts mountains & water. You can read more about this venue here.

Picture source: JuneBug Weddings

Castello di Vincigliata

This venue is a literal CASTLE!! With wide open space for an outdoor ceremony, as well as lots of room indoors, the possibilities are endless. What more could you want than to get married in a castle in the Amalfi Coast? You can read more about this venue here.

Picture source: Francis Flowers Wedding Design

Hotel Marincanto

This venue is another stunning hotel in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, in Positano more specifically. This hotel has gorgeous views of the coastal landscape, and the balcony of the hotel is right on the water. The balcony can hold up to 50 guests for a small and intimate wedding. I can’t get over the views this venue holds! Read more about this venue here.

Picture source: Emiliano Russo

Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel

Another five-star luxury hotel, this venue is rich in history and showcases the elegance and natural architecture of the Coast. This venue also has amazing views of the Mediterranean. This hotel has a few different ceremony locations, all seating between 50-80 guests. Read more about this venue here.

Picture source: Mr & Mrs Wedding in Italy

Transportation to the Amalfi Coast

I absolutely loved travelling around the Amalfi Coast and visiting these stunning views. But there are some things you need to know about getting around here. It is not hard to get around once you are there, but it can be a little tricky to get there. Here is what you should know.

The Amalfi Coast is south of Naples. A lot of people will fly into Naples, then rent a car and drive down to the coast. This is very easy to do, but if you are wanting to save money, there are also trains and buses you can take. What I did when I travelled here in 2023 is I flew to Naples then took a train to the town of Salerno. From here I took a bus to Amalfi. It was very easy and cheap (like $5) to do! The buses also run frequently.

If you are wanting to go to Capri (an island off the coast) the easiest way to get there is to take a ferry from Naples or Sorrento. This is something I wanted to do while I was there, just didn’t have the time for it. But I have heard and seen a lot of great things about Capri!

Check out this detailed guide for more in-depth information on how to get around the coast.

The Best Time to get Married on the Amalfi Coast

The best time of year to get married in Italy is the warmer months. April through October are the best months to say your vows on the Amalfi Coast. In the summer months, July & August, the water will be warmer and you can take full advantage of a honeymoon in this tropical destination.

If you want to avoid the crowds and the busiest time of year, definitely consider getting married here in the spring or early fall. Less people will be here during these months, but you will still have great weather.

Avoid the winter months, as it can be pretty cool and rainy. This makes it difficult to have an outdoor ceremony and explore around the coast.

Choosing Vendors for your Italy Wedding

Choosing the vendors you want to have at your wedding is one of the most important things in the planning process. When having a destination wedding, the vendors you choose will be key to the success of your day. These vendors will also be with you closely the entire day, so make sure your personalities match and you get along with them.

One of the best advice I can give is to hire a wedding planner and photographer that know the Amalfi Coast and that you trust. Your wedding planner is going to help you plan your entire day, give you recommendations, and know the ins & outs of the area. It is very important that they are either from Italy, or know the Amalfi Coast well.

Your photographer is also going to be the person that is with you almost every second of the day, capturing every single moment. Although it’s not as important for your photographer to be from Italy, they should be familiar with the area so they can help you in the planning as well. I am a destination wedding photographer and I know the Amalfi Coast well, providing insight and tips based on my experience to help make the planning process relaxing for you. I would love to talk more about potentially being a part of your Italy wedding.

Hire me if you want a photographer with a lot of destination experience & experience photographing on the Amalfi Coast. I would love to chat more with you & help you plan & capture the best day of your life! Inquire with me here. I look forward to meeting you!!