March 9, 2024

3 Tips to Elope in Banff National Park: Tips from a Destination Wedding Photographer

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Hoping to elope in Banff National Park? Then this is the blog for you! Whether you have never been to Banff before, or you go there every year for vacation, I hope to share some valuable pieces of information that will make eloping in the mountains of Banff an easy and memorable experience! I am a destination wedding photographer, and Banff is one of my favorite locations in the world. It’s no surprise that so many people want to get married here. Apart from the stunning mountain views, Banff also holds many other valuable things that everyone can enjoy. Eloping here may sound daunting and you may not know where to start, which is why I have created 3 tips you need to know in order to elope in Banff National Park with ease.

1. Choose a location within Banff National Park

Banff National Park is stunning & vast, so you will need to narrow it down to one place to say your vows. Whether you want stunning mountains in the background, a vast turquoise lake, or green fields, the possibilities are endless. Some of the most gorgeous views have a big hike in order to get to them, so here are some locations within the park you can easily elope at and not have to worry about hiking all the way up a mountain in your wedding attire.

Lake Louise is one of many stunning turquoise lakes in Banff and would make a great background to share your vows!

Moraine Lake is another gorgeous lake. I would argue that Moraine Lake is less touristy than Lake Louise, making it more of a hidden gem to get married at.

Lake Minnewanka is also a hidden gem. Just as beautiful as the other two lakes mentioned, Lake Minnewanka is easily accessible and has a stunning beach right near as well.

Sulphur Mountain is an easy access location within the National Park. You can even take the Banff Gondola up the mountain for less hiking & ease!

Bow Valley Parkway is not just one location, it is actually a road that has many views and stops along the way. Not many people know about this, and it could be a great place to stop on the side of the road and get married in the stunning field in front of the mountain backdrop!

Hillsdale Meadow Viewpoint is a highway that connects Banff to Lake Louise, and has stunning views along the way. Specifically stop at the viewpoint if you want an easy location to stop and elope!

Locations near Banff National Park

Quarry Lake although not directly in Banff National Park, it is located in Canmore, another stunning location very close by. The nice thing about getting married here is that you wouldn’t have to deal with park permits or registering to get married in the National Park.

Kananaskis Country Golf Course is where my fiancé and I are getting married this July! It is also not located in Banff National Park, making it very easy to get married at, and it has mountains that are just as gorgeous as Banff. The Golf Course would be a great option if you wanted to elope with a few more people than just the two of you.

2. Get a permit & submit your registration form to Banff National Park

This is probably the most confusing and unknown part of the checklist needed to get married in Banff National Park. Thankfully it is very easy to get a marriage license through Banff in order to get married there. Not only that, but anyone can get married in Banff! You do not need to be a Canadian citizen. Read more in-depth about getting your marriage license here.

Another thing you will need to do to get married in Banff is to fill out and submit a registration form. It is totally FREE and information about it can be found here. Some of the requirements in this registration include having a certain amount of people in attendance, requiring a park permit/pass, and acknowledging that this does not grant you exclusive rights to the National Park. Easy peasy!! Fill out the form linked above, and submit it around a month before your elopement date!

3. Choose elopement vendors that care about your vision

This tip is huge! Because you are eloping, you will be getting married with very limited people in attendance. This means that your vendors will be some of the closest people there celebrating you. You want to make sure you choose wedding vendors that know you and your partner, the vision you have, and truly want to celebrate your love. Vendors in Banff also book out really quickly so make sure you secure your date ASAP so you can inquire with these companies.

Here are some talented and professional vendors I recommend for your Banff elopement that I have worked with personally.




Hair & Makeup





Remember, this is your day, so make it special to YOU! Don’t stress about the planning, it will all fall into place. And with the stunning views of Banff, nothing can go wrong!!

If you are ready to elope in Banff, I am ready for you as your photographer. I have 4 years of experience in the wedding & elopement industry, and I would be honored to capture your day. I have been to Banff many times and would love to capture your elopement there. Reach out me here, or comment on this blog with any questions you have. Let’s celebrate your love & capture your genuine moments! Ready whenever you are.